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Imagine having the opportunity to own a rare type of Garnet? 

A combination of colours from red, rose to pink. This garnet gemstone was discovered in Tanzania on the opposite side of the mountain where we find Tanzanite. Garnet is not a single mineral, but is a group of several closely related minerals. Garnets come in a variety of colours and have many different varieties. However, the most widely known colour of garnet is the dark red variety. Garnets occur in red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, grey, and black.

There are many forms and varieties of garnets. The six main garnet mineral types are:







Some of the more general garnet variety names commenly used, 

Demantoid: Olive-green to emerald - green gem variety of Andradite

Malaya Garnet: Reddish - Orange form of Spessarite garnet

Mandarin Garnet: Bright organge to red orange - Spessarite garnet

Rhodlite: Rose-red form of garnet with a kight colour or more purplish colour than the typical garnet varieties


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