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New Arrivals

Here at Knappett's we are always finding new and unique jewellery to showcase.

We are constantly in the search for quality jewellery that is distinctive and different. We have posted a sampling of some of the latest items we have on display in our store.


Feel free to give us a call to ask for more information about an item you see here, or drop in and take a closer look. We're positive that you will find something that is just right for you.

Now presenting Reign. At last, a distinguished line of silver jewellery designed with you and your lifestyle in mind! Reign is a line of quality every day silver jewellery that combines both luxury and prestige for the budget concious in mind. Each piece of Reign Silver Jewellery has been rhodium plated to allow for maximum long term shine and sparkle.


TRAVEL: Reign looks and feels like genuine expensive jewellery lines. Take it with you when you travel for piece of mind.

DESIGN: We won't tell if you don't tell. Reign has the look and feel of the jewellery the stars wear without the expense.

QUALITY: All Reign silver jewellery is guaranteed to wear and maintain it's original look and appeal.

AFFORDABLE: Reign silver jewellery is priced for all budgets and yet has the look of much more expensive jewellery lines

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